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Sanrio Group Privacy Policy

Sanrio Group (herein Sanrio) hereby declares that, based upon a common understanding of the importance of personal information with regard to the rights and interests of the individual, all Sanrio employees, including executives and regular employees, will adhere to laws and ordinances in place pertaining to the protection of personal information, and in accordance with the policy stipulated herein, will handle private information in the proper and appropriate manner.

  1. In cases where Sanrio is to receive personal information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses etc., it will do so only after stating the purpose and point of contact for such information.
  2. Sanrio will use all personal information supplied solely for purposes for which approval has been given.
  3. Sanrio will not share your personal information with any third party, except where express permission has been given, in business outsourcing situations, or other such proper and reasonable circumstances.
  4. Sanrio will appoint a person to oversee each department and system that handles personal information, who will be responsible for the protection of such information and to ensure it is handled correctly.
  5. Sanrio will make all efforts to maintain all personal information received in correct and up-to-date form, and furthermore to strive to maintain and constantly improve security measures in order ensure such information is administered securely.
  6. Inquiries from customers regarding personal information should be directed to the relevant Sanrio contact, where they will be handled in the appropriate manner.
  7. In addition to adhering to the laws, ordinances and industry norms surrounding the handling of personal information, Sanrio pledges to make efforts towards the continuous improvement and advancement of company regulations and the contents of this policy.
  8. Customers and visitors to this site with questions or comments regarding personal information or Sanrio's privacy policy are asked to contact Sanrio via the below telephone number.

Enacted as of 25 March, 2005

For inquiries regarding Sanrio Group's privacy policy

Telephone number: 03-3779-8111 (switchboard)

  • * Sanrio Group consists of the following 7 companies
    Sanrio Co., Ltd. / Sanrio Entertainment Co., Ltd. /
    Sanrio Far East Co., Ltd. / Sanrio Enterprise Co., Ltd. /
    Kokoro Co., Ltd. / Sanrio Wave Co., Ltd. / Pantry Co., Ltd.
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