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Shintaro Tsuji President and CEO

Shintaro Tsuji
President and CEO

 For the 58 years since we started the social communication gift and card business so that families and friends could exchange their gratitude and joy in the form of small gifts, we have continued to embrace the motto of "Small Gift, Big Smile!" and have worked to realize what we think is the most important thing in the world, which is for everyone—from our closest friends to people around the world––to get along and help each other.

 Looking at the current economic conditions, we can see that each and every company is facing difficult times.

 This is owing to the fact that in today’s consumer society, people already own almost everything they need except for food, cosmetics, and medicine. In addition, we have entered an age where anything can be bought online with a single tap on a smartphone. Even clothing and bags can be easily rented. Smartphones have become ingrained into our daily lives and people spend most of their time glued to a screen. Smartphones have become our source of satisfaction, as we use them for everything from shopping, traveling, and playing, to interacting with friends.

 For a company to maintain its existence in such an environment, it must either spark innovation or acquire another company, but both options are quite challenging.

 Amid such conditions, Sanrio has been continuing to grow, with “everyone getting along and helping each other” as our corporate philosophy. As a unique, unparalleled company we will continue to leverage our rich character content. We ask our shareholders for your continued understanding and support.

June 2017

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