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Shintaro Tsuji President and CEO

Shintaro Tsuji
President and CEO

 It was 58 years ago that Sanrio was founded as a social communication business based on the motto of Small Gift, Big Smile and the concept of people exchanging cute gifts with a personal message card.
 Today, Hello Kitty and other characters including My Melody, Cinnamoroll, and Pompompurin continue to convey the importance of friendship and compassion in China, America, Europe, and all over the world.
 On the economic front, excluding food, cosmetics, and medicine, department stores, big box stores, and retail have seen consumer time previously spent towards shopping dwindle due to the popularity of smartphones and the extraordinary growth of online shopping. With the retail business stuck in a headwind, we aim to promote measures that will take storefront sales in a new direction.

 That said, actually going to a store to select a gift and include a handwritten message card is a more thoughtful than using online shopping. This is true for both seasonal shopping like for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and mid-year and year-end gifts, as well as the more personal occasions such as celebrating birthdays, a birth, father’s day, or mother’s day, or sending get well wishes.

 Today, the world’s markets are changing as companies like Amazon and Ali Baba, which don’t have brick and mortar shops, only warehouses storing all types of products, attempt to replace department stores, big box stores, retail, and convenience stores. However, we are committed to providing even greater storefront experiences and product entertainment through our numerous characters. We want our customers to experience the fun of shopping in cute shops and the joy of choosing and giving a present.

 We ask all our shareholders for your continued understanding and support.

December 2017

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