"Small Gift, Big Smile"

Everyone wants to enjoy each day with joy and to the fullest—but what is true happiness?

No one lives in a vacuum or inhabits this world alone. Happiness most surely comes from being able to believe in the people around us and by enjoying the company of others each day.

These may be family members, such as parents, children or siblings. They may range from friends and colleagues to spouses or partners and can include anyone anywhere in the world.

In order to understand others and enjoy these relationships, trust, respect and love are paramount. At Sanrio, we believe strongly in importance and need to express these feelings.

Since our foundation in 1960, Sanrio has pioneered what we call the social communication business.

We endeavor to help people show and express what is in their hearts to the people they care about.

With the small gifts that we offer, we have a big goal: bringing people closer together.

Sanrio’s characters are the messengers behind this concept. Over time, they have come to be loved by people not only in Japan but all around the world.

We have and will continue to work with companies, brands and facilities both in Japan and overseas to help them as we broadcast to the world our philosophy of everyone getting along.

One of the great joys of life is heart-to-heart communication—whether this be during happy, sad or hard times—with others At Sanrio, our mission and our business is dedicated to helping as many people as possible to experience the joy that this communication can bring.

Dear Daniel

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