The "Social Communication" Business

Everybody wants to spend their days being happy.
It is a common wish of just about anyone
on the face of the Earth.
But just what is happiness?

As the old saying goes, "No man is an island."
Humans need each other.

We help each other to survive, to live a meaningful life.
We trust and depend on our companions.
We strive to get along with one another.
Perhaps that is what happiness is...

And who are our "companions"?
For a start, there are those closest to home:
Mother, father, children, brother, sister, lover...
Then, there are our schoolmates, our work mates...
If one looks broadly enough,
our circle of companions encompasses all of humankind.

In order to get along with one another,
we need to respect and to love.
And the expression of respect and love is
the basis of Sanrio's "Social Communication" business.

Ever since Sanrio's establishment in 1960,
this philosophy has been the core of our business,
which ranges from the design and sale of
social communications gifts and greeting cards,
to publishing, production and distribution of
the Strawberry Newspaper,
to the planning and operation of theme parks.

The common thread running through
all our various business is the idea of giving
"from the heart" and "of the heart."

Whether one is sad, down, happy or whatever...
We want to help people share their important feelings
with one another.

This is the reason for our business.
And it is a business of which we are very proud.

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